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One month Post Hysterectomy

It's been one month since my entire uterus, cervix, tubes and one ovary have been removed laproscopically. I have had remarkably little problems -- everything has healed up nicely, I haven't had a lot of pain, I'm almost entirely back to my routine. I have been feeling very positive about the uterus being gone.

It's been kind of a troublemaker since the beginning. As a teen, I had very heavy and unpredictable periods. As a young adult, I had problems with it in pregnancy - I had to have two c-sections because of it. Also, it was retroverted - that is, facing backwards. The in middle age it started spawning fibroids, and finally became diseased. So will I miss my uterus? Heck no! I know they say that some women experience a certain kind of sadness in losing an organ that marks their female sex and reproduction -- nope, not me. Good bye, and good riddance.

Doctor says with my one remaining ovary, I might still have some cycle symptoms as if I were about to have a period. I guess it will make the futile attempt to spit out an egg on a monthly-ish basis until I hit menopause. Haven't felt any indication of that as yet, but then again I've never had a normal cycle so who knows when if at all that will happen. I have felt some ups and down emotionally as my body adjusts to different hormone levels, but nothing big.

For the first few weeks I had some really bad sweats and clamminess, but that is gone now too.

I am looking forward to warmer weather to get more exercise (though we have been walking around stores, and even a little outside as weather permits). I am really hoping to build up my stamina for events now that some of the health problems are out of the way. I want to be able to vend these muilti-day out of state events that we are starting to look at (for example we will be at Amazicon in DE the weekend of April 7th, three days) without feeling completely dregged out by them. Big bucks, no whammies!

And now that I can lift things and get around again, time to start adding more fresh home cooked meals and less of the frozen and boxed we have been relying on while I was recovering.

It's weird to look forward to cooking and cleaning and exercise, but I am glad to be in the kind of health where I can do that.


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